Infrared Thermography in North and Central FL
Electrical thermal imaging inspections in Florida, including Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Tallahassee.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging, also referred to in Florida industry as infrared imaging or infrared thermography , is a non contact process of sensing thermal heat energy, converting to a temperature measurement and analysing temperature differences to find faults. Electrical thermography is a vital component to a quality electrical maintenance program. Due to the complexities of getting accurate data and using it effectively, it is important to choose the best Florida infrared inspection provider. The infrared thermographer should have a high level of experience, knowledge, the proper equipment and focus on attention to detail to get the thermal imaging performed accurately.

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Infrared thermography certification through (ITC) meeting/exceeding ASNT standards

Quality images having proper focus and IR camera settings for accurate thermal measurements

Detailed infrared inspection reports to make electrical maintenance and repair easier and faster

Current thermographic technology including calibrated cameras and the newest, advanced software

Most affordable thermal inspection prices in Florida due to minimal overhead and efficiency

Infrared expert, not an electrical service contractor without training or general Florida contractor

Free thermal imaging if no moderate or severe issues are found (1st thermography only)
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Inspecting North and Central Florida - Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tallahassee and in between.

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Thermographic inspection report photo with hotspot IR inspection photo of a switchgear panel in Florida, indicating a fault

Why is infrared thermography important to your facility?

Electrical system components start degrading right after they are placed in operation. Thermal expansion, contraction and vibration creates spaces, loosens connections and wears on electrical systems. How much money would you lose if you had an unplanned downtime? Production, customers, overtime, increase in insurance?

With over 30% of all fires caused by electrical failure, having an infrared inspection of the electrical distribution system is the single best method to reduce the exposure. Periodic thermal imaging should be part of the electrical preventative maintenance program to detect problems before a catastrophe occurs. Before a component emits visible light, it emits thermal radiation in the form of infrared energy. With the use of accurate thermographic cameras during the infrared inspection, predicting failure in advance is now possible. Often a simple electrical fault is magnified by a phase to phase occurrence. This is many cases, leads to a fire. Loose connections, insulation breakdown, improper loading and corroded components are just some of the many items detected by infrared thermography. The older the equipment, the more vital this form of electrical maintenance may be.

Benefits of electrical thermal imaging

Minimize the leading cause of fire in Florida through thermography

Scheduled electrical outages are better than an unplanned loss of production

Simple, affordable repairs now to avoid complex, expensive catastrophes later

Focus electrical repairs on needs vs. extensive guess work to find faults

Comply with OSHA and Florida insurance infrared thermography requirements

Energy savings averages over $100 per year in Florida. (Like getting a discount for the thermal inspection.) Click here to see your potential energy savings estimates

What is the recommended frequency for electrical thermography?

A quality electrical maintenance program requires thermal imaging be present as a form of preventative maintenance. Commercial and Industrial facilities are suggested to have infrared inspections on an annual basis per NFPA 70B code- see our infrared thermography Frequency guide. Spot checking with a heat gun does not do an effective or accurate job of detecting failures in your electrical system. For reasons why, check our IR Myth section.

What are the costs to have thermal imaging performed?

We offer quality infrared inspection services at a much cheaper cost than our competition, many times under $1,000. We currently service Central Florida and North Florida, including Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville and the Tallahassee, FL region. If you get a quote from another company, you may use us as a second quote. We are confident that our customer service, level of quality and affordable pricing will be your best option for electrical imaging. Get a free online, Florida thermal imaging quote.

What equipment is inspected during the thermography?

Electrical components included in our detailed infrared imaging will include the starting feeds. The Utility substations, transformers, overhead utility poles, and service entrance are vital to your electrical distribution system and must be thermally inspected. Main switchgear, disconnects and Generator controls and transfer switches will also be scanned during the visit. Machine control panels, inline panels, distribution, lighting and fuse panels are included in our standard thermal imaging inspection. The circuit breakers should be loaded at maximum to 80% an will be checked with an ammeter if possible- see current loading calculations and requirements

How long does the infrared imaging inspection take?

The visit portion of the infrared thermography will take at least 4 hours up to multiple days depending on the amount of equipment analyzed, location, working environment and safety controls required. Thermal imaging PPE is used IAW NFPA 70, which includes Arc Flash protection. More information can be found regarding the science of IR, Technical manuals including NFPA guidance and electrical maintenance in the Electrical and IR References section.

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The Infrared Wizard provides the best, quality, affordable Florida infrared thermography inspections. The Wizard serves North and Central Florida, including Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville and Tallahassee.